Simon Paraire | Creative Process
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Creative Process


Before working and shooting, my main interest is to perfectly understand what is the artistic purpose of your project.

It is important to get all the idea of the final product.

I usually start with discutions, creative suggestions and make solid plans.

My priority is to be the more faithful of what you expect.

Writing Scripts

As director and writer, I manage to write scripts and create stories of short films, music videos, commercials and many other projects.

I give my entire contribution to be creative and original.

Directing your project

I direct your project, make decisions of shots, direct your actors and organise the mise-en-scene.

I draw storyboards and do everything to get all the final vision of the process


Lighting and having a good spot is the golden rule to make a great picture.

For shooting outside, I make suggestions to work with the best natural light at the best time of the day.

When we are shooting inside, we can work on the best professional or practical light at any location you wish.


I edit videos and stills. my rule is to make the best artistic choice for your final product.

I do everything to have the best rhythm, shots selection and sound effects

The artist cannot imagine his art, and cannot perceive it until it is complete.