Simon Paraire | About Me
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About Me

Simon Paraire

I am a native french director, cinematographer, photographer, actor, writer and editor.

I was living my entire life in France and was spending 6 years in the USA (Graduate from the New York Film Academy and the Los Angeles Film School).

I’ve built all my experience through multiple projects on motion pictures : (short films, music videos, TV Show, commercials …) and photography (portrait, ballet dance, travel photography…).

I have got the chance to work on any kind of area and made short films which were nominated as official selection in many festivals.

I feel very comfortable on every kind of film set.

I love to create, edit, improve my knowledge, compose music  and used to play on stage during 12 years (all my childhood !).

Movies and photography are a my first passion.

You can contact me anytime from anywhere, I have great traveling experience and like to move and work through all over the world